Bimbo Invested $86 Million In Its New Plant at Tenjo in Colombia

September 4, 2017. With an investment of US $ 86 million, Bimbo de Colombia inaugurated its new production plant and distribution center in Tenjo, Cundinamarca, which has a capacity of 8 tons per hour, four lines to make hamburger bread, snacks, as well as puff pastry, a new category in which it did not compete in Colombia, and will contribute a significant percentage to projected sales for 2017. After a year of construction, the plant is located in the Motorway Medellín kilometer 11.5, Industrial Park of Bimbo.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic, Dr. Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, as well as Mr. Daniel Servitje, President and CEO of Grupo Bimbo, Mr. Gabino Gómez, Deputy General Manager of Grupo Bimbo, Mr. Esteban Giraldo, General Director of the Latin Organization of Grupo Bimbo, Mr. Carlos Ignacio Gallego, President of Nutresa, and Mr. Fernando López, General Manager of Bimbo of Colombia.
Fernando López, said that these new facilities expand production capacity to meet current demand, and generate 270 new direct jobs in addition to the existing 3,800.

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican company, world leader in the baking industry with more than 70 years of history and with presence in 24 countries in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Locally it has 88% brand recognition among Colombians and has three strategic business units: Panificadores Familiares, Pan Dulce and Soluciones, which presented double-digit growth in 2016. That same year, a significant percentage of sales came from innovation products and entered the frozen bread segment with the acquisition of the company Panettiere.

"Since we started operations in the country in 1996, the municipality of Tenjo and its inhabitants have been very important for the company, because there we built our first plant, Tenjo I. Twenty years later, we continue to reaffirm our trust in Colombia and in the region , with the opening of Tenjo II, "  said Lopez.

Once in operation, this Distribution Center will provide employment opportunities to 350 people directly and 1,700 people indirectly.
The proximity of the two plants allows logistical optimization, contributes to generate synergies and facilitates the distribution process.

Likewise, it contributes to improve in the sector the infrastructure in public services, ways of access and facilities of urban development, and security. This is in addition to the actions of the "Good Neighbor" program, through which the company supports the community by developing activities such as the donation of school supplies at Colegio Carrasquilla, reforestation of the Río Bogotá basin, communal park, multiple uses, children's games and Health and Wellness brigade.

"The Tenjo II plant is already a pride for Grupo Bimbo and it is our commitment to continue working every day to fulfill the purpose embodied in our philosophy, to build a sustainable, highly productive and fully human enterprise,"  said Daniel Servitje, President and CEO of the company.
Bimbo of Colombia applies the best practices of sustainability and environmental management of Grupo Bimbo, focused on the saving of electric and thermal energy consumption, control of atmospheric emissions, classification program of recycling of waste and treatment and reuse of process waters. Therefore, the new work has a wastewater treatment plant, waste management and energy use optimization with LEED certification.

The company's mission is to put "Delicious and Nutritious Food in Everyone's Hands" and its vision for 2020 is to transform the breadmaking industry and expand its global leadership to better serve more consumers.
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