Some Advice For A Young Actor

He didn't have a technique to fall back on. He didn't know how to create a character. He didn't know how to access the emotions he needed for the part. So he relied on what he 'thought' was right and he was ACTING instead of BEING the character, because he just didn't know how.

1 phrase and 1 question

So many young aspiring actors often say two phrases, George Nader Technicolor Performances the first of which is an affirmation and the second one is a question. They are:

I want to be an actor. Where can I find auditions? Or

I want to be an actor. How can I get an agent?

What they sometimes fail to realize is that between wanting to become an actor and the auditions and/or getting an agent, there is a very important step. That is training.

Long-term or short-term. Which do you prefer?

You can have a short-term strategy or a long-term strategy as an approach to your acting career. The short-term strategy has you being impatient, jumping right in to audition or trying to get an agent with no training. Statistics say that if you go about it that way, you will not have much success in the long run.

The long-term strategy has you building your base first, getting into a good acting class/school, learning the industry, learning who the players are, who casts what, trends, etc. It has you gaining experience in community theater or as an extra for example, to help to build your skill level.

Before rushing off to try and get an agent, remember that people in the traditional work force aren't the only one's who get fired. Actors can get fired too.

Your best bet is to get some good, solid training going. I would say that is your number one priority.

Extra work, community theater, commercial print work can help you get your feet wet and build your confidence and skill while you are studying.

When the time is right it will be time to look for agent representation. That will be the subject of the next article.

Anthony Smith left a successful corporate career as a senior manager in Nike and Levi's after 15 years to follow his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and actor. While enjoying success in his "new" life, Anthony shares his business insight and acting experience with young actors.
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